SorryMate Membership

After receiving my Gold SMIDSY card in the post, I knew it was something to write home about..

So, some of you likely haven’t heard of SorryMate, and that’s probably a good thing seeing as they’re expert motorcycle accident solicitors, and hopefully you’ll never be on that side of dealing with them!

although my name is a dead giveaway that I probably will at some point..

However, they have something that is definitely worth looking into, their Gold SMIDSY Membership, and it only costs a fiver for an entire year!

So what are you getting for this fiver?

The membership gives the cards owner a variety of discounts in a variety of categories.

Some of the discounts include;

– Clothing & Accessories
– Activities & Days Out
– Hotels and Campsites
– Helmets, Leathers, and other kit

One of the major things that got me interested in the discount card was the helmet discounts, having recently been looking at replacing my trusty LS2, I was amazed to find that they offer a 10% discount on brands such as Shoei, Schuberth and AGV.

With those brands being so well known, you’d never think you’d get that much money off, but 10% off your lid can go along way, especially when lots of them are priced upwards of £300..

Then from there the 10% off HEL Performance products caught my eye, after all, the braided lines for my bike were £95.99, you don’t have to be a genius to workout that the cost of the membership is less than half of what I’d have saved, making only one purchase with it.

(I wish I’d known sooner!)

Here’s just a snapshot of some of the discounts available on their site..

You can see the full list on their site

I’m not one for jumping on the bandwagon, product pushing or following certain brands and trends, but after having a nose on their site after seeing an advert on Instagram, I’m glad I did and I’d 100% wholeheartedly recommend their membership to anyone.

Even if you use the membership once in one year, you’re still saving, it’s a win/win scenario

They’re even giving back to the biking community by donating to Air Ambulance

If there’s ever a worthwhile company to spend your money with, this is one of them

Special thanks to SorryMate for providing me with the membership to their site for the purpose of review

Feel free to let me know what you think in the comment box below..

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