Shoei NXR

Following a crash in my previous helmet, it was time to find something newer, lighter and sportier.

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The Shoei NXR has a cult like following, taking the place of the original XR1100, with a few changes such as being a smaller in size and a shell that is slimmer and lighter in weight and in shape.

I don’t think I’ve seen or heard a single bad thing said about these lids, so when I found out they went all the way down an an XXS I had to get my pea head into one.

Thankfully FortaMoto were there to save the day, and soon had one on it’s way out to me, excitedly counting down until it was mine I couldn’t wait to test it out on road and on track.

 ©  Photo courtesy of EDP Photo News


The first thing you notice once the Shoei is in your hands, it’s really light, weighing in at a little over 1300g depending on the shell size you have as there are 4 shell sizes and 7 helmet sizes available

-Mine is pea sized

This is partly due to AIM construction of the Shoei NXR, meaning that the shell is made up of multiple layers using various fibers and fiberglass

The result of this construction is an outer shell with high strength, but very low weight compared with shells that are produced in a more conventional way.


Following on from the previous point about the AIM shell a more in depth look at the helmet and it’s construction tells you at the layers used in the AIM shell consist of fiberglass, special fibers, 3D organic fibers, organic fibers and fiberglass again.

This is them finished with a synthetic resin, giving good elasticity, lightweight, and enormously high strength and resistance.


The interior of the NXR fits like no other, with the lower end of the cheek pads doing what I can only describe as cradling your jaw, creating almost a seal that seems to keep away all kinds of outside noise

It should go without saying that as with most modern helmets, the lining is completely removable and washable, allowing you chance to freshen up after s hot and sweaty spin.

The materials used in the lining are soft and comfortable making it a smooth on and off every time, consisting of very thick and soft interior padding the helmet fits well and stays well, unlike some other helmets that seem to rattle around once you exceed motorway kinds of speeds.

There are also variable thickness cheek pads available, making it easy to custom fit to your heads shape and size, if you’re anything like me and don’t typically fit the off the shelf helmet sizes.

-Most importantly in my opinion, it has that new helmet smell, I wish I could buy that smell bottled or something!

Shoei Personal Fitting System

Although something that’s not quite commonplace yet in the UK, official Shoei Personal Fitting System dealers can custom fit your Shoei for you by making adjustments to the center pad.

In order to achieve this, you have to book an appointment with your Shoei dealer to have your measurements taken, these are the length, width, height, and circumference of your head.

These measurements are then entered into the Shoei Personal Fitting computer system which will then advise the size and adjustments that may be needed for you.

Yous personal fitting expert will then adjust it to suit you and ensure a comfortable and correct fit, meaning your helmet is safer and more comfortable, it’s definitely a service I would have taken up given the option.


The ventilation on the NXR is great, with there being three straight hole intakes on the forehead and 4 outlets to channel the air through the lid.

The chin vent is the easiest to use, with it then directing fresh air straight towards your nose and mouth, it’s easy to open and close with just one finger on the go with it simply pushing down to open and up again to close.

There is also one cleverly placed exhaust vent underneath the spoiler to the rear of the helmet, giving crisp airflow cooling you down on even the hottest track day session.

-and taking away any helmet stink..

wind noise

For a long time now, Shoei have tested their helmets in a wind tunnel, this is done in order to ensure the helmet is as aerodynamic as possible while retaining important features such as easy to use vents and an easy to open visor system.

The quietness of this helmet is one of the most mentioned things when discussing the NXR with anyone that knows the lid and is probably the most used buzzword in each and every review for them.

This has been achieved by thickening the padding on the inside of the helmet, mainly along the cheeks to try and protect the rider from the wind noise, and it works oh so well for each and every type of ride.

As quiet as this helmet is, don’t be fooled, you will still need to be wearing your ear plugs to safeguard you from any potential long term hearing damage, as well as protecting you from that horrible fatigued feeling you sometimes get after a longer or more intense ride.


The most prominent safety feature in the NXR is the Shoei Emergency Quick Release System, as most bikers know removing a helmet following an impact can sometimes do more harm than good, not to mention the tug and wiggle you sometimes have to do just to get it past your ears

-mine are like dumbos, there is always a wiggle and a struggle and sometimes I have to jump around..

But if you are unfortunate enough to find yourself in an accident, potentially unconscious and needing your helmet removed by someone else, this is probably arguably the safest and most efficient way to remove the helmet without contorting your head and neck into strange and unusual angles, potentially worsening any injuries.

Simply by pulling the labeled tabs under the helmet, the cheek pads will them smoothly slide out meaning a much safer and easier removal for everyone involved.

The NXR also benefits from a double D-ring fastening, commonly known as the best and safety way of keeping your helmet on your head, as well as this the NXR meets all the safety regulations and requirements it’s required to for road and track use.

visor system

Most importantly, it has a visor, second most importantly, the visor takes an anti-fog pinlock.

The visor noticeably seals nicely, it’s also very easy to open when using the slightly off center tab at the bottom, even if you’ve got your chunky winter gloves on with fingers like sausages.

There are also a variety of positions it can be sat in with a ratchet like opening system, you can open it just a slight crack to all the way open and it’ll stay exactly where you left it.

Shoei have said that they’ve completely redesigned the visor, the baseplate and all bits associated with it, which generally speaking doesn’t mean a lot to the masses, but the changes in place are actually great improvements with them making the base plates adjustable (the side bits the visor attaches to)

This means that if for any reason the seal is no longer as good as it was, or isn’t to your liking , it’s just a case of twiddling the adjuster and you can adjust the front and rear visor seal.

As previously mentioned, the ventilation on this lid is great, this is also helped by the Pinlock Anti-Fog insert that’s supplied with the helmet, ready for you to fit to the visor.

The visor removal system is smooth and straightforward, as it should be. The quick release allows you to pop a few tabs on the baseplate and the visor pops out, it’s really that simple! To refit, you repeat the process and it pops back into place

This kind of system feels essential for anyone racking up the miles, it makes cleaning off the bug splats to much easier!

Overall, the NXR is typical of the Shoei brand, well built, well thought out and well executed.

The NXR does what it says on the tin, it fits well, it looks great, you can really admire the design and planning that goes into these helmets and you easily understand why they are so well loved by the masses.

After spending a few miles wearing one you really can see and feel the quality it has been made to, it’s quiet, comfortable, and safe.

-what more could anyone ask for?

A premium brand and a premium helmet at an affordable price.

And if the Shoei NXR isn’t for you but it’s time for a change, then there are plenty of motorcycle helmets available here.

Special thanks to Fortamoto for providing me with the helmet and the excellent customer service throughout

Feel free to let me know what you think in the comment box below..

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