LS2 Arrow – Crash Tested

Not again.. my go to daily lid, double crash tested

– I’ll give a bit of a back story for the circumstances that I crash tested the helmet to give more of an insight into the type of impact and speeds it slid across the ground at.

So, I’ve crashed in two of these helmets, both on GSXR 750’s, the same colour helmets, different colour bikes, this could get confusing quite quickly!

The First One..

Commuting to work, on my Blue K6 GSXR 750, loaded in crash protection, I was wearing at least half of the correct kit- I think I’ll always be part squid

Filtering in traffic, someone nudged my back wheel and sent the bike flying. it went down on the right hand side, and the nosecone and headlight hit the kerb, by the time I was stood up, the car had gone only leaving a trace of blue/black paint on the swing arm.

My head hit the floor, with a little slide, 5m at most, as I only lost a little bit of skin..

As you can probably tell, it was relatively slow speed, and a very minor off. I got a few bruises and grazes, and got to go home from work.

The strip down and repair

Parts ordered, and wounds complained about, the bike was back on the road within a few days, and I bought another helmet, the exact same one in fact.

The helmet held up well, I wouldn’t expect anything less as it was such a small bump and slide, there are some slight scuffs around the visor, but nothing major that changed the structure of the helmet or shape.

Nothing broke or fell off, and the chin strap remained perfectly in place, not even a headache from this one!

The Second One ..

This one was a little worse, the same scenario, in traffic, commuting and slow speed impacts.

Different bike this time, K9 GSXR 750 in Gold

The difference here was the force involved, this wasn’t a small tap like the previous one, this was quite a jolt, a woman behind me in traffic, didn’t look, didn’t see me, whatever you want to decide, lurched forward, straight into my back wheel, sending the GSXR down onto it’s right hand side, and my head directly hitting the floor.

I had a couple of bruises, did a cool barrel roll across the road, but overall had no long lasting injuries, thank fully.

The bike came off not too bad, and was repaired through an insurance claim following the incident, the majority of the damage was the exhaust despite the rest of the bike having crash protection, I think I should buy the same for the exhaust in future.

This time round, amazingly there was only one tiny mark on the helmet, it could have even been a stone chip, although I did have a drift camera on my helmet, that also took the impact, so there’s not much to take photos of.

I’m sure a few people will be left scratching their heads at this, as LS2 is seemingly a lesser known brand, I don’t see many others about, on a day to day basis

Here is the crash, first time I’ve got one on video, though excuse the poor quality

What drew me to LS2 helmets is their size range, I’m an XXS in (51-52cm) which obviously is a pretty uncommon size, but I also wanted a raced styled helmet.

Most manufacturers have a kids range, which is usually where I’ll find my size, but I want less of a childish design, and something that looks cool and feels a right fit for my bikes.

The arrow, which is their race styled lid, is available in 4 shell sizes, fitting an XXS for those of us that have pea sized heads, up to a 4XL for the giant brains out there.

The first thing I noticed when using them for the first time, was the HUGE view through the visor, it is hands down the best visor for peripheral vision that I’ve tried. The clarity is unreal.

I’ve now owned 3 LS2 Arrow helmets, all of which came with a free Pinlock and a free dark tint visor, which really makes you feel like you’re getting great value for money- premium feel with a very budget friendly price

The visors are also tear-off ready, should you need/use them, the visor has a quick release mechanism, that is really user friendly and easy to get on with- I hate changing visors and Pinlocks, but I haven’t broken one of these- yet!

LS2 also boast a UV and scratch resistant treatment that has been applied to each of their visors, I can’t say I’ve deliberately tested this, although my current one has now covered about 4,000 miles through the winter months, and has surprisingly little in the way of scratches and marks.

These helmets also have the usual chin and top vents, as well as rear exhaust vents, in the same placements as almost every other manufacturer.

The vents are simple, being controlled with a sliding plastic tab on the chin, and a similar method for the top ones, they allow plenty of air through, enough to make you feel a little chilly, and the helmet also comes with a breath deflector, keeping the fog away, and allowing you to breath more easily when the visor is open.

There’s a great little chin skirt on these, its really easy to remove if you enjoy the breeze, but I’m not a fan at all, it really helps to reduce the cold draughts on your neck through winter, and slightly eases my paranoia about ingesting bugs in the summer.

The comfort of the helmet is great, noise is such an individual thing, but for me it’s louder than my Shoei NXR, but quieter than my HJC CS-15, and probably similar to my Arai RX7V, but to anyone else, those comparisons wouldn’t be much use as we all come in different shapes and sizes..

The laser cut, multi density foam really helps create comfort for me, I usually struggle to find a helmet that touches both the front and back of my head, where as this nicely cradles my skull without making me look too much like a hamster- debatable.

The liner is removable and washable- thankfully.

They also use moisture wicking fabrics with their hypoallergenic linings, helping keep the sweat off you, without leaving your helmet saturated either.

The features that I appreciate the most from these helmets are the fact they have the Double-D Ring buckle system, with a reinforced chin strap, reinforcing the safety that we all want for our brain matter

The emergency release system, as discussed previously on the Arai RX7V It’s a feature I’d prefer to not be without although hopefully I’ll never need it.

The carbon weave.. I think Carbon Fiber to a sports bike rider has the same appeal as whatever I’m eating does to my dog, we just need it for some reason. Aside from its visual appeal, it is also safe, strong, and light weight, easing any potential strain on your neck, but still giving you plenty of protection

I also love the choice of colours they offer, they’ve got all sorts, between the scale of plain and outrageous, I’m more for moderate, but there’s something for everyone here.

I can vouch for the quality at low speed slides, and direct impacts, but thankfully not high speeds, I can’t fault the overall quality of the helmets

Like I’ve said before, fingers crossed I don’t put any more helmets to the test, but if you wanna try it your self for some strange reason, they really do do a great job!

Feel free to let me know what you think in the comment box below..

Where am I located?

Cardiff, Wales, UK