Kreiga US20 Drypack

When preparing to head to the Isle of Man TT a quick bit of searching lead me to exactly what I needed.

After a bit of a last minute panic online, less that 2 weeks away from leaving to go to the Isle of Man I was recommended the Kriega US20.

Luckily FortaMoto were on the case for me, with their usual great customer service and speedy delivery times meaning that the panic was over before it really started and I had somewhere to pack my stuff ready to take with me on my first trip to the TT

The main appeal of the Kreiga luggage system for me, is the modular design, and the simplicity of it.

The first thing that really stood was the convenience, I love how easy to use the system is, I don’t think there’s anything you could get wrong.

The modern styling of the luggage is great, it’s easy on the eye rather than looking like an ugly attachment planted on the rear of a otherwise stunning machine.

-Well, I think my bike is a rather stunning machine anyway..

You can stack them on top of each other and to the sides of each other, you can carry them over your shoulder, you can put them on the tank or the pillion seat, there seems to be near endless possibilities.

You can pack them whatever way you want to, one bag on top, one on the side, one on your tank and even them you can organise inside the actual bags using their Kube organisers, their wallets and there’s even a tool roll and additional pack liners.

-Endless possibilities!

It may sound a little gimicky, but it’s a great system that works well, and if you’re missing anything at all from your bag after completing your travels, they sell spare straps, velcro, subframe loops, and any other component you can think of.

And although you often see them strapped in place of a pillion on a sports bike, they also have an adventure range as well as saddle bags and backpacks meaning you can put their kit on pretty much any bike you can think of.

-Maybe I should get a supermoto as well as a sports bike after all..

Cold, wet, and muddy but not put off!

As someone who moans a lot about absolutely everything, I can usually list off a whole load of problems with anything and everything when I’m using it, but with the US20, I’d struggle to think of even one negative.

Although I’m pretty sure it wasn’t a planned part of the design for them, it even came in handy as a back rest while making our way to Liverpool for the ferry for the TT, a long, cold, wet, miserable journey.

-I even weirdly think they smell nice..

How big is it?

The Kriega US20 Drypack gives you 20 liters of room, ideal for anything from carrying a change of clothes back and for work, a weekend away, or even 2 weeks on a campsite

20 liters isn’t a measurement that really tells you how much stuff you’re gonna fit in it, so as an example it can fit;

-28 pairs of socks (I ran out)
-11 t-shirts, 4 pairs of jeans, and a pair of trainers
– 138 Giant marshmallows

But for a more real measurement, when going to the TT for 10 days using only my US20 as luggage I took 4 pairs of leggings 3 pairs of skinny jeans, 2 pairs of shorts, 12 t-shirts, 3 jumpers, 14 sets of socks and pants, a bag of toiletries, a spare visor, a GoPro, some GoPro accessories and it was rammed full, after tightening it down on the bike,

I even managed to fit 2 waterproof ponchos and my knee sliders into the top pocket and then managed to get my waterproofs into the bottom pocket.

Is it really waterproof?

The US20 (as well as the rest of their Drypacks) is 100% guaranteed for the main roll top compartment to be water proof.

I can vouch for this after it spending 10 days in hammering down rain, it didn’t let in a single drop!

But, for the sake of this post, I’ve filled it with a pillow and tissue (just in case) and left it to soak in water for ages and well, you can watch the video to see the results.

Completely waterproof, I rammed it full of tissue to show any water that could have leaked through, but it stayed bone dry.

Although, it’s hugely unlikely you’ll ever be submerging your kit in water while riding unless you’re really unlucky, we all remember this one going viral..

It’s nice to know that if you decided to reenact that video for some bizarre reason, your clothes would still be safe and sound!

-I really don’t recommend trying this out! But if you do, please send me the video!

is it easy to fit?


My Kriega US20 is fitted to my GSXR 750 as well as my Hornet 600, I’d say all in the process took about 20 minutes for the GSXR and 5 for the Hornet. That’s in part because I didn’t look at any type of instructions or tutorial and figured I could wing it

My guess work paid off, and for my bike the process is..

-Remove seat from the bike
-Slide the cream coloured loops through the seat hooks or subframe (depending which your bike has)
-Tighten them in the same way you would adjust a backpack
-Reattach seat (I’m sure you know how to do this)
-Place luggage on seat
-Attach black straps using the hook to the cream loops
-Attach to the clip on the US20
-Tighten until your happy
-Ride around the block to make sure it doesn’t fall off

(if it didn’t, you got it right. If it did, don’t follow my instructions next time..)

What else is there?

Pockets! – Side pocket and rear mesh pocket provide additional quick access storage.

I used the mesh one on the bottom of the bag for my waterproofs, making them quick and convenient to get to for when the heavens opened

Shoulder strap – a little awkward to use, it’s not the most comfortable with it being a relatively thin strap that was carrying quite an amount of weight but it still did the job when walking from the bike to the site I stayed at.

-Although it’s a lot easier to carry and maneuver when it’s not jammed to the absolute limit of it’s capacity..

Overall, I absolutely love the Kriega luggage system and I’ve even gone on to buy the R8 waist pack and tool roll.

Everything about their luggage system is so easy to get on with and just makes sense, it’s modular, modern, sleek and stylish, the only problem is it’s becoming a costly habit, right now my next decision is which backpack to get for the commute to and from work..

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Special thanks to Fortamoto for providing me with the Kriega Luggage and the excellent customer service throughout

Feel free to let me know what you think in the comment box below..

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