HJC CS-15 – Crash Tested

It was going to happen sooner or later, plodding along on my little CG125 all day every day

– I’ll give a bit of a back story for the circumstances that I crash tested the helmet to give more of an insight into the type of impact and speeds it slid across the ground at.

Mine is on the right hand side

So this was the third helmet I’ve ever owned.

Shamefully the first being one of those £40 ones from Lidl that was about 3 sizes too big.

Second was an Arai Astro J given to me by a family friend, so realistically it was about time I bought something modern, brand new, and most importantly within the budget that 17 year old me had- not much!

This helmet lasted me pretty well. From getting onto my 125, all the way through to 2 days after my MOD 1 test for my A2 licence- not bad!

Unfortunately I never really got many photos of the helmet, before or after the crash. It was a Matt Black, with White and Grey on it.

The helmet in appearance wasn’t dissimilar to the current HJC CS-15 Sebka as shown below from SportsBikeShop, but didn’t have the carbon weave appearance.

So, the crash..

it’s 10pm on a Saturday night, all of my 125 riding friends and I have been out all day, as usual causing annoyance to other motorists with our obnoxiously loud cheap rubbish exhausts, and our lack of speed on any road with a higher limit that 50mph

We end the ride at the local beach, its where we always start and finish each journey, it’s convenient, local, and there are always cool bigger bikes there for us to drool over.

The usual suspects

After we all sit and chat for a while, we all decide to go our separate ways and head home. with tomorrows ride already planned.

So for me, its up the hill, past the night clubs and pretty much straight for 5 minutes, round a roundabout then I’m home, nice and easy, a route I’d taken every day for possibly 3 years at this point.

So I blast it up the hill (30mph, tucked, lying on the tank) it’s dark and cold I wanna get home now, my CG125’s headlight isn’t the most helpful at lighting the roads ahead. I get to the straight, almost level with the local Whetherspoons, then the crash, a taxi speeding out of a one way junction onto the wrong side of the road, my MOD2 test was 4 days away, my bikes ruined, and my arm feels like jelly.

The helmet did me really well, the impact was taken on my right hand side from the crash, with my head hitting somewhere along a taxi- I don’t remember much, then onto the floor.

The chin strap remained done up, cheek pads still in place and the helmet only had a handful of deep scratches from the gravel, the inside didn’t appear to be damaged, and nothing had cracked/splintered/broken, although as you’d expect, I had a horrendous headache

Although, the visor had come off the helmet, and the visor brackets/plates on the one side, I feel as if the helmet did exactly what it was supposed to, given the circumstances.

You can just about see the helmet here, and my broken little bike!

For what’s marketed as a budget/entry level helmet, the vents are pretty impressive, there is a straight forward open/close chin vent, providing a good amount of air, and easy to use with thick winter gloves on.

There are vents on top of the helmet, again, easy to use but in my opinion could have given a little more air flow, but for the money, it’s great! It also has exhaust vents to the rear to help with air flow, which really do help channel the breeze through to cool you down.

The helmet has a quick release chin strap, which although I now prefer a Double-D Ring, it clearly did the job as it was supposed to, without releasing, sustaining damage, or stretching.

The helmet also has a fully removable liner that you can chuck in the wash, this is more uncommon with entry level helmets, but definitely something I feel is a necessity, if you’re wearing your helmet daily, there will be a dirt/sweat/skin build up over time, and that’s quite an unpleasant and unhygienic thought.

The helmet also boasts a quick release visor system as well as being able to fit a Pinlock into them, another uncommon yet very worthwhile feature on an entry level helmet.

I just about managed to wangle my Sena 20S intercom to fit into this helmet, although it doesn’t state whether it can or cannot fit one, I managed to squeeze mine into the XS shell with enough patience, it was pretty comfortable to.

For the money, I’d say this helmet is great, it has all the necessities and feels like a good quality helmet, it crashed pretty well, fitted well, and was comfortable throughout my ownership of it, there was very little wind noise, and it was a snug fit, with a plush feeling liner it was easy to ride all day in it.

It’s not an experience I’d like to have again, however, I can’t fault the protection I was wearing, if you’re looking for a budget lid, I can safely say, the HJC CS-15 is more than capable of doing the job.

Feel free to let me know what you think in the comment box below..

Where am I located?

Cardiff, Wales, UK