Dainese Laguna Seca 4 Suit

After receiving my brand new suit for review from Fortamoto I tested it out over 4,000 miles, a Wheelie School, and a rainy 10 days at the Isle of Man TT, these are my thoughts so far..

First of all, a little info about Fortamoto for anyone wondering who they are!

– They are a Netherlands based company (Amsterdam) and are group of individuals who are passionate about motorcycling, motorcycle gear, and customer service. There’s a little more info about them here

On with the suit..

This suit is the replacement for my previously much loved Laguna Seca suit.

For me, the intended use of the suit is mostly track riding and faster road riding, I usually opt for Covec/Kevlar in my day to day riding and commuting.

Having previously had a Dainese two piece, I knew the quality I expected from the brand, as well as an idea of sizing and fitment of the suit.

On the outside of the leathers, there are some stretch panels made up of S1 bi-elastic fabric and are used for enhanced flexibility. This allows much greater movement when riding, allowing you to easily adjust your body positioning or even just to sit more comfortably.

The S1 bi-elastic panels are located everywhere you could possible need them, around your knees to allow seamless movements, around your elbows and shoulders to allow you to adjust to any type of bars or riding position. The Tri-axial inserts on the back help to reduce fatigue as well as giving maximum rider comfort for any types of distance.

Looking at the inside of the leathers, they come fitted with a completely removable antibacterial NanoFeel mesh lining. This lining gives you the ability to remove it and wash it at any time, it prevents the sweaty sticky feeling (with help of the perforated exterior) that can sometimes happen when riding.

You don’t realise how hard it is to remove and take a photo of mesh..

There are also 3D Bubble inserts throughout the suit, allowing maximum comfort and breathability, complemented by lycra lined panels, furthering your ability to move freely and comfortably.

The Laguna Seca 4 Suit is also equipped with knee and quick release elbow sliders, although I’ll likely never touch my elbow on the track without falling off! The elbow sliders however, are true to their words and are very easy to one handedly take on and off. There is also ample room for a back protector, with Dainese themselves offering a wide variety of back protectors to suit the suits.

Following the typical Dainese styling and safety, the suit also has titanium and aluminium plates both on the shoulder and elbow, giving you added protection if the worst were to happen.

The suit also benefits from CE Level 2 protection in both the elbows and the knees of the suit which is currently the highest level of safety testing done on motorcycle clothing.

The knee sliders have been changed from original to the RST F#@k Cancer ones

Another noteworthy feature is the racing hump, this allows for better aerodynamics when tucked at high speeds, reducing drag and allowing a more streamlined riding position.

The race hump can also accommodate a hydration kit that many professionals use, so that you can keep hydrated while riding, road and track.

Complementing this there is also an elasticated neck panel allowing comfort when adjusting to these kinds of positions.

The suit has the usual Dainese styling, with the large distinctive logo displayed across the chest and on the back of the suit, with lots of attention to detail.

The zips are all secured so that they aren’t moving around when riding, with the chest zip being secured by velco as well as the ankles.

There are also velco panels on the inside of the legs, allowing boot to suit fitting which hugely improves comfort in the leg area.

-Although I don’t own Dainese boots myself, my Sidi boots have no trouble fitting over or under the leathers.

My Thoughts so far

Overall I’m very happy with the suit, the fit for an off the peg suit is almost perfect. I did have a bit of breaking in to do, with me even sleeping in the suit to make it more comfortable!

Adults CAN have dinosaur bedding to!

The suit not only fits well but it looks great, it has the distinctive Dainese Motorcycle Gear styling but is subtle enough to match any bike and any gear, if you’re into being a power ranger.

Although I’ll probably never scrape the elbow sliders, I love the sporty look and feel of the suit, and the levels of safety fill me with confidence.

I know this suit will stand up to the test of time and will give me the protection I need if an accident were to happen.

The rest of their range of motorcycle clothing is available here.

Special thanks to Fortamoto for providing me with the suit and the excellent customer service throughout


Feel free to let me know what you think in the comment box below..

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