Auritech Biker Ear Plugs

A familiar name on the biking scene, after being recommended them several times, I decided to put them to the test.

I most often ride while listening to music, and admittedly have never thought about the potential hearing damage riding every day can cause.

The idea of putting a bit of foam or rubber into my ears didn’t appeal to me in the slightest, I’d rather hear my engine/exhaust/music, I’d been pretty ignorant to the current technology that is actually in most modern ear plugs

So I did a little bit of learning before plugging them into my ear holes..

So I’m one of those annoying people, allergic to this, allergic to that, can’t tolerate this, can’t tolerate that, sensitive skin, uncommon dimensions, I’m just a little odd.

THEY’RE HYPOALLERGENIC!- life saver, no sore ear holes from silicone

Okay, so putting them into my ears was the easy part, now to ride with them in there!

The first thing I notice, I can still hear everything!

The suns out, my musics blasting, tinted visor on, feeling like a gangsta I can still attempt to rap along to Eminem’s Rap God- no doubt sounding horrendous!

Everything is a little quieter, I can’t hear the wind when accelerating anymore, but I don’t get that weird ear-blocked feeling where you can hear yourself breathing in and out.

Stopped at the lights, I make the usual conversation with mates, getting everything each other has just said wrong, I can hear no less clearly than without the ear plugs, if anything, my hearing feels a little more refined.

Getting home after around 6 hours of riding, I felt so much less fatigued I could have happily stayed out much longer, despite the cold extremities.

There was no immediate need to go home and eat, drink, then sleep- my usual feeling after a day on the bike. I didn’t have a headache, it was such a novelty that I’d never even stopped to think that this it’s not supposed to be like that.

Who’d have known a set of ear plugs could make such a difference?

So the nerdy bit, the plugs themselves have a tri-sectional design in order to give the most comfort to all size and age ears, I have pretty huge ears and they fit comfortably, no falling out or wiggling out of place when putting my lid on!

The reason behind the sound clarity is the Patented Ceramic Filter and Venturi Shaped sound channel that’s actually in the center of the plug, meaning that it’s not something you can see working, but you can definitely hear the difference from conventional foam plugs

Another advantage in my opinion, is the fact they’re washable and reusable, there’s no scrabble to save the foam plug that fell out of your ear when taking off your lid just to find it landed in mud and you’ve gotta replace them, again.

The carry case is another bonus, I lose everything that isn’t tied down, so to have these stuck onto my keys is another huge advantage for me, not to mention it actually looks good, unlike the plastic cases usually provided with ear plugs, they remind me of the case you’d get for your retainers from the dentist!

With the usual emergency pack of 4 foam plugs from your local bike shop being around the £2 to £2.50 mark

At around £20 the Auritech Biker Ear Plugs are definitely, in my opinion worth a go

Feel free to let me know what you think in the comment box below..

Where am I located?

Cardiff, Wales, UK