2018 BMW G310R

The little bike that could..

The BMW G310R

Initially when I was offered to test this bike, I was a little unimpressed and underwhelmed.. Well, I can admit that I was wrong..

I took this little bike everywhere, on pavements, through mud, through the biggest puddles I could find, round the coast, through the city, and through twisties and round plenty of roundabouts before penning my thoughts below.

I’m sure, most of you will know the majority of the 300cc and 400cc bikes on the current market are targeted at A2 licence holders (Like I was!) with the 310R and 310GS from BMW competing up against the likes of the Yamaha R3, Kawasaki Ninja 400, KTM Duke and RC390 as well as the Honda CB300 and CBR300, among others

So, with their being so many A2 bikes available, they really have to work hard to draw you in as there aren’t any major power differences between brands and models, with the restriction being 47BHP

Where the G310R got it right..

The G310R really appealed to my inner yob with the S1000R Motorsport Styling..

The colour schemes that are available; Cosmic Black, Racing Red, and the HP Style Package as shown above as well as previously Strato Blue Metallic. With the HP Style (Motorsport) Being my favourite, showcasing the sportier side of the BMW range as well as the Pearl White paint that really glimmers under the light

The dash on this bike is great, simple but efficient with it displaying only the essentials- the revs, speed, fuel gauge, gear, and time. Once you press the buttons in the right sequence you can see the fuel range, trip, and coolant temperature as well! They’ve really not over complicating things for the newer riders out there.

The engine is cleverly designed, with the exhaust being from the rear of the head, technically back to font, in doing this, it allows for the longer swing arm which in turn creates more stability- the lower capacity engine means it won’t get too hot and burn your legs either, which is always a bonus..

The same goes for the suspension, it did everything it needed to, and a little more, but I just wanted a little more responsiveness from the machine, maybe some adjustability to suit different riders, however, to keep within the price range for the A2 market, I can see why features like this that are non-essential are left off- with many after market companies being able to cater to demands such as this

I praise the seat height of this bike, being quite possibly the lowest seat height on a bike I’ve ridden at only 785mm (and with a lower seat also available!) Being 5’4 myself, this is more than ideal for people of similar stature, and fills you with confidence as its so light and easy to manoeuvre

The fuel ecomony on the bike is also another huge advantage, as I managed to average 80MPG over the time I had it- around 4 weeks.

The bike rides well, as you’d expect from any premium brand motorcycle. There is very little in the way of bar vibration and the seat is surprisingly comfortable, even over some distance. It holds its speed well, it happily cruises a little above motorway speeds and is capable of comfortably holding 80mph at 9,000RPM which is great for its thirty-something BHP. It handles like a dream, and never falters from being a smooth and consistently capable and impressive machine.

In a nutshell, this is a great bike for new riders, shorter riders, women, commuters, and those who just prefer a smaller engine

it’s a well rounded package, and really offers a lot to the market.

Feel free to let me know what you think in the comment box below..

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