2018 BMW G310 GS

The little adventure bike with big potential..

This is something I was really looking forward to riding, such a small light weight adventure type bike, that was basic and straightforward with no scary buttons and TFT dash!

Seen here, in the seemingly most natural habitat for a GS

The G310 GS.. What can I say, it’s a pretty basic bike, with the same features as discussed previously with the G310 R- but with adventure bike styling, not dissimilar to the rest of the GS range that everyone knows and loves

There are a couple of colour schemes available for it, Racing Red, as shown in the photos(everyone knows red is the fastest colour), Cosmic Black, and the Motorsport HP Style Pack (Pearl White) with my favorite being the Cosmic black.

The first thing I noticed with the bike, is the seat height, which for myself was a slight issue, and maybe a little intimidating.. I’m only short so at 835mm, it left me dangling.. Luckily there was a low seat on hand, bringing it down, just enough so that I could put ONE toe on the floor- that’s good enough for me!

I’m no off road expert, but my first thought with the bike was to take it through some mud and trails, it cruised happily while green laneing, but came to some issues when entering the seriously slippery and thick mud, the back end began to kick, and I couldn’t reach the floor to walk it through, so we turned around back onto the tracks.

Realistically, I wasn’t expecting it to have motocross capabilities..

I then rode the bike from Cardiff, South Wales, to Reading, England, with not even one fuel stop, very impressive fuel economy with that being a 126 mile trip!

The bike continuously plodded in the slow lane of the motorway, holding between 75MPH and 85MPH depending on the wind, rain, and whether I kept hold of the throttle in the wide open position.

My only complaint could have been needing a bigger screen and maybe some hand guards, but both are available to buy for the bike, and wouldn’t necessarily be needed round town and other general everyday use.

For my journey, I had fitted some Oxford heated grips- it was February! They were perfect! enough heat to thaw out the ice blocks that were taking over my hands.

Also fitted was the BMW soft luggage/top box that held everything I needed for the 2 days I was in Reading for, and looked perfectly placed on the back of the bike.

The ride.. it vibrates a little more anticipated, with the pegs giving a little tingle through your boots, and the bars giving off some slight vibrations at higher revs, although I feel that this could easily be resolved with a good set of bar end weights, rather than whatever was on there.

The Metzeller Tourance tyres did everything well, but nothing exceptionally, they inspired enough confidence to ride on road, in the wet, and on some lighter gravel and grass but weren’t what I’d want if I were to attempt the mud again.

The brakes and suspension were adequate.

I feel that the suspension could have been a little less rigid, but that’s a pretty individual statement, as the bike clearly isn’t built to fit my dimensions! Although is easily adapted to suit a shorter rider.

The brakes did what I wanted them to, when I wanted them to. The ABS button is ideal, allowing you to turn the ABS on and off as needed, great when off the road and onto the gravel/grass/sand/mud or wherever else you take it.

Bonus pic; poor quality photo of me struggling to pull off on a hill because I couldn’t touch the floor!

Overall, I’d say it’s a great bike for almost anyone

It’s a great commuter.

It has loads of road presence and stability as well as having great fuel economy, and being small enough to filter confidently through even the smallest of spaces .

It’s great for weekend fun, even for the most experienced of adventure bike riders, with it being light weight and easy to handle, you can always go back to basics and learn a thing or two from it.

It’s perfect for the A2 licence holders that don’t want your conventional naked or sports bike that is only geared towards road riding, or even as a second bike to try something new, a winter hack, it really can do anything.

Feel free to let me know what you think in the comment box below..

Where am I located?

Cardiff, Wales, UK