2018 BMW F750 GS

Changing perceptions with the everyday essential, parallel twin.

Where do I start? First of all, apologies to any GS riders here.. I’ve always seen them as an old man’s bike, steady, reliable, but also bland and boring, or on the flipside of my perception of the GS, long distance touring, going from town, to village, to country carrying all your kit on the bike, but the perception never had anything to do with twistes or power of any variety

I’ll admit, I wasn’t that keen on the idea of riding a GS, let alone the “little 750 one”  – I’m such a negative person!

The stereotype put me off, and I thought to myself, what would I get from a GS?

I very quickly changed my mind about the bike, initially looking at the bike, the first thing that stands out to me are the toys, so first up for me is the tech, the model I’m riding is the F750 GS Sport, GPS prepped and with the comfort package, giving you Keyless Ride, Tyre Pressure Control, and a Center Stand- always handy.

The colour choices for the bike are Light White, as shown in my photos, and Austin Yellow Metallic. There is also a “Style Pack” colour scheme available for the bike- the Exclusive Style Pack which gives the bike a bit of a fancier look, with a few little extras and the bike is then a Matt Metallic Grey instead of the white or yellow options.

The bike also has LED head and tail lights and also benefits from DRL’s, great for getting you noticed, and just looks so much more modern and refined that previous generations of the F series, it really is an attractive looking machine

Without getting too technical, some of the features of this bike are;

  • Daytime Running Lights
  • LED Head and Tail lights
  • ABS/ABS Pro
  • Riding modes
  • Dynamic Traction Control
  • Automatic Stability Control
  • Bluetooth Connectivity

It was also fitted with the current 6.5″ TFT display, as well as the Intelligent emergency call feature, which is great when you’ve got a nickname like mine and a habit of meeting the tarmac..

The TFT Display clearly showing my lack of fuel..

As you can see above, the TFT screen display has the following;

  • Fuel Range
  • Temperature
  • Time
  • RPM & MPH
  • Gear indicator
  • Riding mode

But it’s also customisable, in the sense that you can change what you want to see on the main screen, although there is more to be seen on the “On board computer) if you just press downwards on the menu button, and use the toggle on the left bar to scroll through.

The riding modes are Rain, Road, Dynamic, and Enduro. In a nutshell, each can be used to improve/reduce throttle response, ABS sensitivity, and traction control support on the bike, to change modes you can very simply roll off the throttle, select the mode, and continue riding.

Rain mode- Gives a softer throttle response, road riding suspension setting, gives optimum stability with DTC maximum support

Road mode- Gives optimum throttle response, road focused suspension , optimum stability with normal DTC support

Dynamic mode- Gives optimum throttle response with improved exhaust note, optimum deceleration, DTC is more focused on acceleration and support is reduced.

Enduro- Also gives a soft throttle response, like in rain mode but gives late ABS control for loose surfaces and optimum deceleration, Optimum stability with the DTC with the support being reduced.

The intelligent emergency call at first seemed a bit gimmicky however, the more I thought about it, the more I think of it potentially being a necessity, standing in at a whopping 5’4 tall, I can get one toe firmly planted on the floor when sat on this bike, meaning that when stopping the bike on any condition other than a flat, clean road, without a camber (if they exist?) there’s a chance of me losing my balance or footing, the bike bike going over, and it all ending in embarrassment.

This simple little button gives me the confidence that if anything were to happen, I can be rescued! Although, anyone coming to the rescue would likely have a good laugh, this button has such an important function, whether is be a breakdown, an accident, or you just dropped your bike and you’re stuck under it!

I think features like this becoming more common can only really be a good thing, especially if riding in the middle of a dessert, on a trail, or anywhere that has nothing or no one around for miles.

On a less serious note, the 3 stage heated grips are AMAZING! the settings are pretty simple and are quite easily summarized by;

1. Ooh that’s nice (warm)
2. Hot Hot (hot)
3. MY PALMS ARE ON FIRE!!!! (My favorite setting)

The seat is stupidly comfortable, the only direct comparison I have is my GSXR 750 that I’ve ridden the same roads on, I can quite easily spend all day on the F750 GS without that achy fatigued feeling that I get after a long day on a sports bike. My only issue with the overall ride of the bike was the vibration, the bars and the foot pegs have the usual vibrations at higher speeds, that I think would be resolved with a good set of bar end weights and maybe a different pair of boots to the ones I was wearing.

So the 750 is seemingly aimed mostly at road riding with cast wheels and less ground clearance than other models and wider tires than the also new F850 GS

This bike just chews up and spits out the twisties of the Black Mountains as well as the bends through Llandovery as if they were nothing, the superb handling is really confidence inspiring, ideal when its the first adventure bike I’ve ridden!

The standard tyres were all I could have wanted performance wise, although I didn’t ride it in any extreme conditions

It achieves some pretty impressive lean angles, without you having to push it too much, as well as having plenty of grunt.

The Radial mounted Brembo brakes do their usual job, giving great feel, great performance, and great stopping power, not leaving you wanting for anything more, and the same goes for the suspension, it does everything great on the road, although isn’t quite capable of the harsher of off road journeys.

It’s parallel twin engine does an impressive job of delivering smooth and consistent power where and when you need it- and averaged some pretty good MPG’s

The new “Anti-Hop” clutch really makes this bike easy to get along with at lower speeds, preventing the jerky action that can sometimes occur when filtering or being in slow moving traffic 

However road focused it may be, compared with the F850 GS, the bike is very capable when taken through grass, gravel, mud and a few of the puddles I found up the Brecon Beacons on the weekend with the semi-active suspension really holding it’s own.

The ABS and dynamic traction control, as well as automatic stability control and 4 riding modes (rain, road, dynamic, and enduro) really come into play, when navigating between roads, mountains, fields, and trails, meaning that I can switch up the power depending on the terrain I was riding on, helpful when you’re a wimp that’s scared of falling off into the mud!

One of the features that really impressed me was how responsive the Gear Shift Assist Pro is, allowing buttery smooth clutch-less shifting between the gears, they’ve just managed to follow the success of other models, and get that quickshifter oh so right, yet again.

This bike is pretty much the perfect every day bike for an every day rider, it’s great on fuel, easy to filter on, it has great road presence and loads of comfortable features for commuters or those that prefer much longer journeys.

It’s also great for a newer rider, a shorter rider (me!) someone who is looking to get into adventure type bikes, getting back into riding after a break, a second bike, or third (fourth if you’re anything like me) or even to downsize from your current adventure bike that doesn’t get as much use as it used to. 

Being an A2 licence friendly bike, meaning it can be restricted down to 47BHP for younger riders (progressive access, getting your full licence before you’re 24!), it has a lower screen than other models to allow clearer vision, something typically more desirable to less experienced riders  as well as lower seat height making it easy, controllable, and super rider friendly.

It really is a great all rounder and will go almost anywhere you take it, the light weight chassis makes maneuvering the bike effortless, which is ideal when its your first bike, or even first “bike bike”.

Feel free to let me know what you think in the comment box below..

Where am I located?

Cardiff, Wales, UK